A worthwhile investment

A regular wheel alignment is a crucial maintenance service. New tyres can be costly, but a regular wheel alignment keeps your tyres in their best possible condition for a longer period. It will prevent them from wearing unevenly, which can eventually impact your steering and even result in a blowout. A little maintenance goes a long way to protect you from having to fork out a small fortune on brand new tyres.

You can also book a wheel alignment in Adelaide to ensure maximum fuel economy. Did you know that a simple wheel alignment can increase your fuel efficiency by up to 7%? By having your wheels in perfect alignment, your vehicle will be smoother to steer, requiring less constant strain and using less fuel over the long term.

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When you call complete alignments , you get:

  • Latest Truck Cam wheel alignment system
  • Comprehensive alignment adjustments for all vehicles
  • In & out of vehicle axle corrections
  • Phasing and alignment of steering components
  • Under body inspection reports included

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A wheel alignment in Adelaide is
the safer choice

Tyre tread is an essential element in maintaining you safety on the road. Particularly in wet conditions, the quality of your tread has a direct impact on stopping distance. Without a realignment every year or two, this reduced friction could cause an accident, injury, or even worse consequences. Even in standard driving conditions, a wheel alignment will help your vehicle to hold better, giving you more confidence and reliability on the road. Did you know that tyres which are an inch out of alignment, can pull a vehicle almost 40 metres to one side over the distance of two kilometres? While some drivers insist that they ‘know their vehicle”, this can be a particularly worrying factor for vehicles which are driven by a number of people.

The complete
wheel alignment service in Adelaide

At Complete Alignments, we have been working with alignments since 2004, and so have come to understand some of the factors which may contribute. In particular, we find that camber, caster and toe settings can have a huge impact, as can tyre inflation from incorrect pressure, and incorrect wheel balancing as they rotate around the axle. Worn suspension parts, such as springs, ball joints and tie rods can also be to blame. As part of our wheel alignment service, we are more than happy to discuss what might be the root cause of your misalignment, helping you to minimise or fix the problem in the future.