The importance of a regular check-up

A regular caravan service in Adelaide is a fundamental aspect of caravan ownership and use. We wouldn’t expect to go years without getting sick, so why would we expect our vehicles to perform for years and years without regular maintenance? Most of us don’t use our caravans every day but instead bring them out for big trips every few months, though this means that we can often let the servicing component fall by the wayside. Make sure that a caravan service marks the start of your holiday season.

What to expect from your caravan service in Adelaide

An Adelaide caravan service from Complete Alignments will check for a range of common issues and give you the peace of mind that your caravan will serve you well. Our technicians will conduct a full safety inspection, checking and resolving any problems such as wheel bearings, suspension greasing, wheel balancing and tyre rotations. We will also make any required brake adjustments. Prevention is the best strategy to avoid any disasters on the road, and also extend the life of your caravan. After all, these vehicles represent a significant investment, and so anything that you can do to keep it in top condition is worthwhile.

The complete caravan workshop

The Complete Alignments workshop, located in Regency Park just outside of the Adelaide CBD, is your one stop solution for vehicle, caravan and truck repair and servicing. As well as laser alignment, we have a large range of replacement parts at our fingertips to ensure prompt and professional servicing for all of our clients. We aim to go above and beyond the expectations of our clients, so whether you need some expert advice about how to take care of your caravan on the road, or would like to chat about our comprehensive range of services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.