Complete Alignments offers a comprehensive trailer repairs service in Adelaide. Whether you’ve noticed a distinct problem, or want to ensure an old trailer is roadworthy, we have the expert team with a keen eye for detail to pick up and solve even the smallest issue. We’re also an authorised Hendrickson repairer, and know these vehicles inside and out. Some of the things that our technicians can complete include

  • Suspension re-bushing
    Bushing is a rubber or synthetic component which sits between two metal components, allowing them more room to move and softening any associated noise. It’s an essential aspect of suspension, because it allows a trailer to move over uneven surfaces smoothly and safely, without damaging metal parts and minimising vibration. If there is oil or another lubricant in contact with rubber bushing, then it can quickly deteriorate. Complete Alignments will determine the cause of your bushing wear and repair the damage as part of our broader trailer repairs in Adelaide.
  • Spring hanger and shocker replacements and repairs
    We can take one look at your spring and determine the right hanger to attach it to your trailer chassis. Alternatively, if your shockers need attention, then we can offer our expert advice. These parts undergo constant strain, and so any damage is reason to visit us for repair or replacement.
  • Brake relines and repairs
    Brake relining simply means replacing your brake pads. Brake pads work by placing more and more pressure onto your wheels so that they eventually stop. In physics terms, they convert kinetic energy into heat energy. Over time, this heat will gradually wear down your pads, and you might notice a screeching when you brake. This is totally normal, but it’s important that you listen to the signs and replace the pads so that your brakes don’t fail when you need them most.
  • Repairs to cracked welds
    Trailers made of aluminium are particularly prone to flexing under heavy loads, and the evidence can be seen in cracked welds. Repairing these immediately after they occur ensures that your trailer is always safe to use, and the problem doesn’t compound. Our team can immediately identify and repair these stress points so that your trailer is deemed safe to use again.
  • Airbag replacement
    Pressurised air is one way in which trailer suspension is improved. It allows you to raise and lower your trailer smoothly, as well as improving shock absorption while being towed. Whether your airbags have worn over time, or you are considering upgrading your trailer suspension, don’t hesitate to chat to our team.
  • Accident damage repairs
    Accidents happen, but the most important thing is that the damage is repaired immediately. We want to ensure that your trailer is in the best possible condition to prevent any future accidents or failures. Following an accident, our team can fully assess your trailer, repair parts as needed, and give. you the peace of mind that it is ready to head back out on the road.

Ensuring your trailer suspension in Adelaide is performing as it should is a worthwhile check. Unlike a vehicle being driven, a trailer is towed, so it has far less control over the road’s surface. A trailer is more susceptible to bumps and slingshotting around corners, so adequate suspension will ensure that none of your items are damaged during the ride. Get in touch with Complete Alignments to discuss your trailer repairs in Adelaide .