Let us take care of your crane, commercial and light truck wheel alignment needs

Complete Alignments has the capable team on hand to manage all aspects of crane, commercial and light truck wheel alignment. Our customers stand to benefit in two key areas from a regular wheel alignment: safety, and reduced costs. As a commercial driver or operator, safety extends to protecting not only yourself and other road users, but also the property and cargo of your employer. Wheel alignment enhances safety by ensuring your tyres are in contact with the road as much as possible, giving you maximum control in handling, braking, accelerating, and lifting. When it comes to cutting down on costs, an occasional alignment will reduce your fuel costs, you won’t need to replace your tyres as often, and not to mention preventing a dangerous and costly accident.


A complete list of commercial and light truck wheel alignment services

Complete Alignments is able to offer a broad range of alignment techniques and niche services. If you notice any of the above warning signs, or are simply due for your regular alignment service, then our expert team will perform a thorough assessment to determine how to best fix your wheel alignment root cause. We look at camber, caster and toe adjustments, in-vehicle axle controls, shimming of control arms, diff housing corrections, rear wheel alignment check and adjustment of tracking, diff centralisation and drive line angles, and torsion bar height adjustments. We utilise a Ravaglioli wheel alignment system, and can also offer camber and caster kits.