The importance of four wheel drive alignment

Four wheel drives are made for taking off-road, but they also need to drive smoothly on city streets for everyday use. That’s why four wheel drive alignment services are so unique—they need to be tailored to the individual way in which you use your vehicle. Perhaps you’ve fitted your car with an extra fuel tank for travelling large distances, or you’ve got a heavy-duty hitch for towing a caravan. All of these added elements can weigh down your vehicle, and you haven’t even packed it yet for your next big trip. Add on the weight of a caravan and fuel, and you could be doing serious damage if you don’t adjust your vehicle components accordingly.

If you’re driving a four wheel drive, then you’ll also need a four wheel alignment. This is the way that these vehicles are designed to operate, and ensuring that you work alongside these intentions will maximise the lifespan of your expensive tyres. Complete Alignments offers fitment of offset bushes, offset ball joints, offset trunion bearings, and diff housing corrections. You can also come to us if you are looking for 4×4 shim kits, or rear wheel alignment checks, adjustment of tracking, diff centralisation and drive line angles. Changes to the suspension of your car, or any modifications or repairs you may have had done, can all impact your four wheel drive wheel alignment.

Four wheel drive suspension

Let us help with four wheel drive suspension

Complete Alignments is here to help with all of your four wheel drive suspension questions. We know that four wheel drive enthusiasts want to know exactly what goes on behind the scenes to ensure their vehicle is in the best possible condition. We’ll talk you through our Ravaglioli and TruckCam wheel alignment systems, lift kits, towing upgrade kits, suspension upgrade kits and airbag kits to help you make the best product decision for your circumstances. We also offer inspections for impact or accident damage, as well as steering damper fitment and shocker replacement or upgrades. You can be confident that wiht our expert knowledge and latest products, your four wheel drive suspension will be in pristine condition.